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At Quest Biometrics, we aim to provide you with a single source of information for your various biometrics related queries. So be it your research work for the upcoming presentation or your market research for finding good biometric solutions, you can be assured you will find atleast some help (if not all) here !

Biometrics has fast emerged as a promising technology for authentication and has already found place in most hi-tech security areas. It is this specific aspect of the technology that we would like to focus on. We seek to explain how well biometrics can be used for security and authentication in various places.

A very common misconception amongst the masses is that, Biometrics is meant only for the elite and people with deep pockets. But that is far from reality. Biometrics apart from being very effective is also very cost-effective. (though there are biometric solutions which are costly, we'll see some very cost-effective solutions too)

So go ahead and take a peek inside the site. You can start off with learning all the basics about biometrics, like definition of biometrics, what exactly is behavioral biometrics and physical biometrics, and much more. Click here to learn about Biometrics Definition !

Wondering how all of this started anyways? Well, why not take a look in the history section. The section provides details about biometrics history, history of biometric devices and much more. Click here to know more about history of biometrics !

The Biometric Solutions section takes a look at the various types of biometric techniques being employed today. We have broadly covered both the behavioral and physical aspects of biometrics. Click on to know more about Classification of Biometrics !

One of the most utilized concepts of Biometrics has been the Biometric Time and Attendance systems. The time & attendance solution provided through the use of biometrics has helped many small as well as large businesses alike to combat various short comings which exisited in traditional T&A systems. The sections also details various biometric time attendance solutions available in the market. Click here to know more about Biometrics T&A systems !

Biometrics has always been a forerunner in the security and the access control arenas. The biometric access control section seeks to advise you about the various biometric access control systems available and how they function. Take me to biometric access control section !

The biometric time clock or biometric clock time section is more or less the same like the T&A section, but we found that lot many people are specifically looking out for biometric clocks and it would only help them better if we have a seperate section for the same. So, for the folks looking out for biometrics time clocks, click on !

With time advancing we will only see biometrics becoming a more retail name. The proof, well, there are a lot of biometric products now available which are specifically targetted at the end users. Here's a sneak preview at the biometric door locks and biometric safes sections to give you more idea !

Like multimedia? Yes? Well, we won't upset you then. The biometric video section and biometrics presentation section has a compilation of biometric video files and powerpoint presentations. You can preview videos of biometrics application, software demo videos and much more. Happy watching !

One of the main areas where biometrics finds utility is that of Security and Autherntication. In the sections dedicated to Biometric security and biometric authentication we try to explain how the technology is being used to protect access to computers, protect files and much more. We will also list the various biometric security systems available. Click here to go to biometric authentication systems !

For those of you information seekers, be sure to check out the biometric articles section. We have searched the net and gathered some very good articles on biometrics. Also listed are biometric surveys, biometric whitepapers and biometric reports. Get Reading at Biometric Articles!

Being patrons of the technology ourselves, it only made sense dedicating a seperate section on Advantages of biometrics. In the section we hope to answer the "Why Biometrics" question. So click on to learn more about the benefits of biometrics !

Those looking forward to implement biometrics in their locale should head straight to the sections on biometric devices, biometric readers and biometric scanners. We have also listed multiple biometric softwares that can be used with those biometric devices. So, do check them out and if you like them, you can also buy them from us. Go Shop for biometric devices and softwares !

There are a couple of other sections which showcase biometric flash drives and wireless biometrics. This is dedicated to people who are always on the move and need to carry sensitive formation alongwith them. Be sure to check out the two sections if you fit into the groove !

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